Tuesday, March 30, 2010

White Flowers Meaning

What White Flowers Meaning Represents?

White flowers meaning vary somewhat depending on the type of flower they are associated with and the region. Most of the time though white flowers symbolize purity and innocence. They are often associated with religious ceremonies including weddings, communions, and baptisms. White flowers have a rich significance in history as a symbol of unity and strength.

In some cultures white flowers meaning is quite different - it is a symbol of sadness. Many people use white flowers to signify they miss someone. With so many military people on deployment right now a single white flower recognizes the fact that a valued member of the family is not there to share the daily activities taking place.
Flowers are a common why to apologize for being a bad date, bad spouse, or even a bad friend. Sending white flowers represents you are willing to do anything to reach out to that person. It is a sign that you surrender and want to start working on repairing the damage that you have caused the relationship. It is also an indicator that you take responsibility for being the cause of the circumstances.

Sometimes white flowers are simply used because they match well with anything that is taking place. If you are hosting a large event and need to make floral centerpieces you have to order the flowers early. Yet if the d├ęcor for the event has not been determined you can just go with white. It is universally acceptable and regardless of the color of the table clothes or the style of the decorations they will blend in nicely.
White flowers can mean elegance as well for a given situation. They are timeless and pure so they can turn a casual event into something more classy without having to spend a great deal of time or money to accomplish the look. If you aren't sure of the right type or color of flower to send to someone choose a simply white - you can't go wrong with the many great sentiments they hold.
White flowers mixed with another color can instantly change the meaning behind them. For example a combination of white and red flowers means your love for that person will never die. This is a common combination when flowers are being sent as an apology or to celebrate a wedding anniversary. They often symbolize the purity of a relationship or the fact that you want it to be like that again.

It is important that white flowers are of the best quality no matter what style or choice of flower you want to send. White flowers that aren't good quality can quickly appear to be dingy and that won't send the message you so desperately want to convey to the other party.
Almost any kind of flower you can imagine is available in the color of white. Knowing what they white flowers meaning is can help you express your true feelings that are appropriate for the given situation or to shed some light on the situation for the other party. White flowers are beautiful, delicate, and provide you with many opportunities to steer your relationships in the right direction.

Sample white flowers:

Flowers of Common Pear

These white flowers are Common Pear Flowers. They appear beautiful contrast with new spring leaves. Common Pear grows rapidly and reach about 15m (50 feet) height. Common Pear is also known as European Pear.

Flowers of Cavatine Pieris

Cavatine Pieris is cultivated from Japanese Pieris. Like as Japanese Pieris, this plant is evergreen shrub and has cute white flowers in spring (a little bit late from Japanese Pieris). Cavatine Pieris is dense growing habit and beautiful dark green foliage so this plant is good yard plant. Also Cavatine Pieris is cold weather and deer tolerance plant.

White Flowers of Woodyfruit Melliodendron

Woodyfruit Melliodendron is native to China. This plant is deciduous shrub and grows 10.5m (35 feet) height and 9m (30 feet) width. So this plant nothing attractive in winter season but when spring come this shrub attract eyes of many people. The flowers of this plant start blooming

White Flowers of Japanes Pieres

These cute white flowers are Japanese Pieris ones. This evergreen shrub is often called as Lily of the Valley Shrub because, as you can easily understand from the picture, the flowers of this plant are very alike to the ones of Lily of the Valley. The flowers are fragrant and bloom in early spring. And this plant has evergreen beautiful foliage so this shrub is loved as yard plant even though Japanese Pieris is toxic plant.

White Flowers of Japanese Apricot

These white flowers are Japanese Apricot. You can see pink version of these flowers on the old post. The flowers of Japanese Apricot have good fragrance especially white flowers are (I found when I took this picture; White ones have stronger fragrance than pink ones).

Flowers of Snow Drop

Snow Drop is one of few flowering plants in winter. It has cute white flowers as you can see on the picture. Snow drop grows from its bulb each winter and it is very easy to take care of it. So this is very good plant for your garden.


  1. Lovely! I find cherry blossoms especially magical... I am sure that I am not alone with this :)

  2. owner: yes my friend, love to see those kind of flowers. thanks

  3. White isn’t an absence of color. On the contrary, a famous writer once said, it is the presence of all colors. SO i love white flowers the most.

    1. Thats just a scientific fact of how light works and responds with the color cones in your eyes.